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Sifundzani High School

Sifundzani High School is a fifteen-year-old co-educational multi-faith but Christian-based independent school situated about 5km from the 29 years-old primary school campus, along the Fonteyn Road in the city of Mbabane in Swaziland.

In pursuit of it's vision, in recognition of the individual potential and in promotion of mutual respect, Sifundzani High School encourages:

-Academic excellence through quality instruction, engaging coursework and thoughtful discussion.

-Teachers to aim to become a worthy authority for the learner by demonstrating social responsibility through positive role modeling, personal counseling and leadership.

-Physical well being through health education, sporting exercises and dramatic self-expression

Should you wish to know more you may get into via post, email or telephone:

Sifundazani High School
P.O. Box259,

Tel: (+268) 2404 1157
email: sifundzanihighrealnet.co.sz

link: http://www.sifundzanihigh.ac.sz/